Web-based Soft- and Hardcopy Proofing in one Package


This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


CGS ORIS removes the risk of making the wrong decision by offering the industry’s only integrated hardcopy and virtual proofing system. By integrating the features of the market-leading soft proofing solution ORIS Soft Proof, COLOR TUNER provides the ultimate flexibility in color proofing technology – from one package and with risk-free and reliable results.


COLOR TUNER allows users to control and track print jobs from anywhere in the world via the Internet. All features of ORIS Soft Proof and CERTIFIED are available in the software package, making it easier to manage and monitor global remote proofing — increasingly important with the popularity of embedded measurement devices. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows users to work quickly and efficiently within a closed-loop environment.
The web-based client/server architecture enables COLOR TUNER to be integrated easily and quickly within your existing workflow, independent of your operating system or web browser. A comprehensive set of workflow tools — such as automatic pre-flighting, file compression, FTP send & receive, regular expressions, or email notification — is included to make COLOR TUNER a powerful production workflow in its own right.
View–Print–Certify: All functions in one application
Soft proofs and hardcopy proofs matched to the same standards, e.g. FOGRA, GRACoL, SWOP, 3DAP
Patented iterative color management providing accurate and reproducible results
Selective color correction and profile smoothing
Continuous tone and halftone dot proofing option for color-accurate screened proofs
Easy management of global remote proofing by supporting the latest generation of inkjet printers with inline spectrophotometer
Intelligent scatter proofing function
Test chart generator for quickly creating CMYK and multi-channel test charts
Easy generation of color simulation profiles and multi-channel ICC profiles
Independent and iterative spot color matching
Spot color correction based on CxF/X-4 data embedded in PDF files
Visual spot color definition and optimization using a honeycomb layout
All common digital file formats accepted
Easy to operate wizard-based user interface — no color expertise required
Seamless client-server architecture
Browser-based communication



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